Friday, March 13, 2009

It was a beautiful day in the Neighborhood

Not that we got to enjoy much of it because between work and fighting naps, that was pretty much our day. But we made it to the park and got a glimpse of summer with kids everywhere. It was nice enough to open up the house a bit as I made dinner. So where did Little S gravitate towards?


The open door. My theory is that I just need to grow her a little more and when she can run around the park all day, she’ll be too exhausted not to nap. Or, so exhausted she fights it even more. Great.

So the cutest baby ever IMG_0298has a different day care arrangement starting next week. It will be her and a 2 year old boy. That ought to toughen her up! We’re giving it a trial run next week and hoping it works out. Cross your fingers for us.

(follow-up from previous post) I did talk to the Day Care Provider (DCP) to get more info. It’s more than the naps. It’s that Little S has separation anxiety so much that she refuses to be put down and grasps and clings to DCP all day-literally needing to be pried off. DCP is advanced in her years, so I see why it would be hard. She really thinks Little S would do better where there were other kids to interact with. I do agree with that-she gets no other kid interaction right now. Big S and I are trying to figure out a playgroup or something for her.  It’s not nearly as easy as it should be to find one that works.

DCP did say she was willing to be a backup if the regular sitter was sick,etc. It’s not that she didn’t like Little S, it just maybe wasn’t the best fit. The neighbor who takes her son there and I talked today. She commented that it never seemed like Little S bonded with DCP.  Neighbor said that one of the other kids in the neighborhood didn’t really either. Such is the fickleness of human nature. It is a little stressful that maybe we’ve set her up for failure in Day Care by being with her so much, but she seems so happy with us, it’s hard to imagine this one not being the apple of everyone’s eye!


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soilmama said...

wow, that sucks! I hope you find someone else soon, and it sounds like whoever it is, they will for sure be better than this person, so that's an upside. I'd suggest targeting SAHMs who might love a 1-day-a week gig taking care of the cutest baby (girl) ever. To me, it sounds like a perfect, low-impact, way to bring in extra cash, and I'm sure there are others out there like me. Good luck! And you know who to call/email if you want help problem-solving the sleep thing.