Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 months

We’ve made it this far somehow!

The pic isn’t the greatest, but we were on our way to a wedding, and running later-per usual. No time for many photos and picking only the best. If you just focus on how cute she is, that part of the photo is great!


At least we have our Sunday best on.  This was Sofia’s third wedding of her short life. She’ll be a wedding expert by the time she’s three at this rate. She charmed all the guests and we discovered she likes graham crackers. Stuffing them in her mouth just before she made noise during the ceremony was most opportune. And more filling than chewing on the wedding program. We also learned she likes grapes, biscuits, cheddar but not swiss cheese and likes to suck on, but not eat, watermelon. It was a baby smorgasbord.

One of the photographers was pregnant and thusly enthralled with the baby. She took quite a few shots of Little S, so hopefully those will turn out and we can get some copies of those to share.


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