Monday, March 31, 2008

six weeks and counting

What a weekend!
Friday night we were thrown a most awesome baby shower at Megan's house. With Jacki's skillful planning, the running friends had cooperated to get us the jogging stroller of our dreams! The Bob Revolution. It nearly puts me in tears thinking about how kind and generous they are, and the fact that this means that maybe they will want to run with me even after the newest addition!!

Saturday morning involved another day at the Mountain for work. There are worse places I could have been-especially with all of the late season powder!
I actually got a chance to enjoy it again this week. It was so nice, I took 6 runs! If I weren't skiing along, and it weren't getting so late and my damn snowboard bindings are now SO FAR away from my arms, I probablywould have taken more.
I'm pretty pleased to still be snowboarding so happily at 34 weeks, so I'm not complaining about somebody's head being right in my gut making me mildly nauesous when I bend over.

Topped all that off with a birthday party for Drew and Sara. Got to see so many friends and new little Anneke was out for a night on the town too! It made me happy to know there is life after baby having.

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