Monday, September 08, 2008

Four Months

And every day is even more amazing than the last.

Little S is starting to laugh, including one yesterday that was the laugh of a little girl, not a baby!. It was an amazing glimpse into the future.

She's started rolling a little. From her belly to her back fairly well and twice she's ended up on her belly after being placed on her back. But, of course she isn't willing to actually so her skills for the camera yet.

And, she was prepared for the start of the NFL season by showing her team pride in her Patriots diaper and with her Patriots teddy bear




She missed the game in favor of a hike with Mom and our friend T and three dogs


It's her second hike in a week!

In other four month highlights:

Little S and furry S are fast becoming friends



Babies are tasty!







Destruct-o baby stage has already started. I guess I didn't need that schedule after all


And, her 4 month birthday picture


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