Tuesday, September 30, 2008



my birthday present to myself. My old ones were missing large chunks of rubber on the bottom. Not great for body mechanics.

Got those shiny suckers that will obviously make me much faster. Excited to take them out for an inaugural run on my birthday. When the baby didn't wake up until 10:00 that morning, it should have been a sign. It was beautiful and supposed to get warm, so I was itching to go. Once she was up, Furry S, Little S, and I were out the door by 10:15.

When Furry S was being such a pain as we started out, that also should have been a sign. But, she couldn't go in the backyard and was defending our house all weekend from the roofers, so of course she had some extra energy. About 10 minutes in, we have to cross a VERY busy intersection. Even though we have a walk light, you still have to hurry because it's a short light and people are trying to turn. When the crazy lady was crossing the intersection the other way, that also should have been a sign. But Furry S pays good attention when I have treats. Usually. But this time, baby jogger in one hand, leash wrapped around the other, trying to feed treats and thinking about crazy lady we were walking by was too much. Furry S pulls towards crazy lady as I'm pulling the other way, tightening leash too hard around fingers. Hear a noise, keep getting my pack across the street. Think noise is bad and related to fingers. Get to other side, put finger in cold water of drinking fountain, see it's swelling, quickly pull off wedding ring, contemplate next move.

Decide if it's broken, it's not going to get any more broken, and if it's not broken I'll be really bummed I went home, so continue on an abbreviated version of my planned birthday run. As I run, decide I have too many things planned today, and it's too beautiful to waste in urgent care. Maybe tonight I'll go. Head out to an amazing sale of baby clothes, get a bag of cute winter clothes (17 items) for only $31!!

Then to an end of summer BBQ at Pete's house. Since I missed his birthday camping trip, bring some chocolate whiskey cake (delicious and easy). Enjoy friends, beer and yummy grilled goodness.


(Bridget and Jacki, marvelling how big Little S is getting)

By the time that's over, the baby is fed, it's pretty much bedtime. So, decide I'll just call the doctor in the morning and not deal with urgent care.

Of course, I wait almost 3 hours to hear from the doctor's office that there is no way they can fit me in and to go to urgent care! Long story (2 hours of fun filled waiting) short, yep, it's broken!

imageNote the nice diagonal crack on the lower part of ring finger, running diagonally across the whole bone. AWESOME.

So, my second birthday present to myself was this half cast, half wrap thing that I don't have any photos of yet. No idea how long it's supposed to stay on, I heard a month? And, I'll get a crash course in our new insurance plan that starts tomorrow as I figure out how to see an orthopedist in a week or two as instructed. At least I'm right handed...

I guess I won't quickly forget this birthday.

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