Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ready for anything

We’ve had these for over 6 months. She finally decides she’s really into her “gasses” now


Which of course won’t last until summer. Although hopefully she’ll get more used to them by then. Right now when she gets them on, she kind of walks around the house with one hand cautiously out. We’re not entirely sure her eyes are actually open when she’s wearing them. Or, she’s learning empathy for the blind.

AND, she picked the best day of the year so far to decide to wear them. It’s the most exciting day outside in quite some time, in Mom & Dad’s book. A day that caught all of the weather forecasters off guard and had five hour traffic delays in most of the city. This rare, but pleasing sight IMG_1648

We didn’t have to go to the mountains to find the white stuff on Tuesday. Just outside. So, we bundled up the gang and headed out to enjoy it a little


Enjoy she did!


And she got good at the word “snow” and “sled” after sledding down the driveway both with Dad and solo a few times.

We’re so happy it was a much better experience than her last snow visit.  Planning another visit to the snow soon so she can keep up her happy snow momentum.

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