Friday, December 04, 2009


After a 13 hour drive spread over two days, we arrived in Santa Rosa, tired, but ready for our Thanksgiving dinner!

Little S had a great time seeing cousin S and playing with all his toys and his bike


Which fits cousin S a little better. IMG_1399

The food was delicious and the table picture perfect 


Little S tried some of the delicious meal, to no avail. Fortunately Grampie got her to eat a few bites


For after dinner fun, Little S showed off her monkey side in the tree  IMG_1411


The next morning, we had a family trip to the park. IMG_1421 IMG_1422


Little S was in a belly mood



Then, we went on a hike later in the day.

Dads and the Little S’


The hiking party


The Korpi clan


Happy hiker


We capped it off by letting Little S hike on her own for the first. time. She LOVED it!


Especially with her cousin


Near the parking lot there was a field of straw that big cousin S delighted in piling on Little S’ head



She was surprisingly tolerant


They had tea parties together IMG_1464

We read a book with our new friend Theo IMG_1469

Conserved water by sharing the bathtub IMG_1483

And, had time for some piano with a side of PBR & sugar IMG_1498

Thanks for the wonderful visit and super fun cousin time. Can’t wait until the cousins can see each other again. Bye-bye! IMG_1503

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