Sunday, January 10, 2010

Maybe next year

Despite an enthusiastic fan, it’s now time to retire this outfit until next September



Sawee daddee. Daddee sad. Hug

It’s hard to stay upset over a game when we get to share our lives with this cute little creature. 


Gawgus. off. nekki (naked) Fia.

She spent all morning talking about the soo (zoo) and the monkeys when her and Daddy were going to go there later in the day. The little monkey had fun with other monkeys and related animals. When she got there, this guy leaned in to her to get a closer look. She kissed him through the glass and he kissed her back. But then refused to make eye contact when the camera came out.


Kitty. Meeow


Daddy looks forward to lots more Soo visits with Little S.

She’s had lots of adventures these past few days, but she is in such constant motion that I can’t often capture them as I try to keep her out of trouble. We got together with her friend Anneke (Anka) and her Mommy and baby Iyla and her mommy bravely ventured out for Happy Hour at Laurelwood. With two toddlers and an overwhelmed four month old (it was a pretty chaotic evening) the Mommies didn’t get much chance to actually talk, but it was still nice to get out.

The next night we went to the pool with our friend E’llee (Aiee) and her mom. It mostly involved getting into the pool down the stairs, getting the ball. Throwing the ball out. Getting out and getting it. Throwing it back in. Getting back in the pool. Repeat. Ad infinitum. It was fun! We then went over to Aiee’s house for a wonderful dinner and some new toys to look at. Much to Aiee’s dismay. They did end up playing “Bumpity Bump” going down the stairs on their bottoms “together” which translates to “near each other”.

We topped off the weekend the only way we know how. Or at least the way we like the best. Pizza with friends. Or blueberries for some IMG_1682

pizza with a side of cuddles for the lucky ones.IMG_1685

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