Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Long overdue holiday post chock-full o’photos

Thanks to a Christmas gift from Nana, we were able to go to the Oregon Zoo for their Zoolights-a gorgeous light display all around the zoo. Little S was suitably pleased


She was very brave meeting a tiger and dancing with the “Kitty” IMG_1601

Santa brought Little S some exciting presents, including an easel to nurture her recent love of drawing on everything IMG_1605

Surprisingly, she’s pretty much stuck to keeping the chalk and crayons on the easel where they are supposed to be, and not being inspired to write on the walls or anything. There was a big “Uh-oh. Oh no” this morning as the crayon got dropped into the grate over the furnace intake. Once I assured her it was okay, I soon heard at least one more being dropped into there. Good thing the cover comes off easily.

Big S got some pajama pants-or so he thought. Turns out they were actually just another fun toy for Little S to be flung through the air in. IMG_1615 IMG_1616 

Little S was the vision of Christmas in her special Christmas dress made by Grandma Wetter

 IMG_1617  IMG_1623








You never know what will delight a kid. One of her new favorite things is to push her new wheeled luggage/lion around the house. FAST! IMG_1636








She also got another gorgeous Christmas Dress from Nana that she got to show off at church on Sunday.


She just wows everyone when we’re there. Her cuteness lets her get away with being a little unruly without upsetting people too much before I whisk her away to the nursery.

It’s been such a great holiday, and we’ve been lucky to have Aunt Aimee here to share it with us. She somehow has stealthily avoided most photo opportunities. It’s a wise person who doesn’t try and share screen time with babies or pets. We know there will be lots of photos of her to come when she moves out here (!) in June!

Looking forward to a great 2010 with the best Little and Big S’ ever!

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