Sunday, December 13, 2009

A windy, sheepy day

Christmas trees being what they are, generally require a trek during the cold, dark months to retrieve the PERFECT tree. There have been years we’ve trekked through the snow in the woods on snowshoes to get a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. There have been rainy years and last year a surprisingly dry trip. This year, hands down, was the COLDEST and windiest we have ever had.

The start of what would be a very cold (for us) week kicked off with gusty winds, kicking the wind chill down to about 15 degrees throughout the day. Undeterred, because we had to get the tree and get it up, we set off for Beck’s Tree & Sheep farm.

Little S started by finding one just her size IMG_1544

And, that was about the end of her searching for the tree, because then she heard “Baaaaa. Baaaa” And she started her search for the sheep.


She was quite delighted about this.  So much, that she then kept trying to kiss them


(It’s hard to tell where sheep ends and Little S begins in that coat)

Did I mention it was windy? This was right before a gust blew her completely over


Fortunately Dad soldiered on and found us the TREE IMG_1546

which you’ll note that Little S was none too happy about being removed from the sheep to help with the tree. She kept signing “more” and pointing at the sheep. Occasionally throwing in a “Baaa” to help clarify for us because clearly we couldn’t understand her since we weren’t taking her right back over there!

We survived that and got some delicious lamb pepperoni for our pizza that night. That will be a fun conversation to have with her someday…

We get home, get her in bed and bring the tree in. Only to discover that it’s too big for the tree stand. So, that amazing guy I married took the tree and a recip. saw out in 20-25 MPH wind gusts and 15-20 degree night air to saw away and MAKE the damn thing fit! IMG_1547

And, come to find out that because it’s so much bigger than any previous tree, the lights I have only cover 2/3 of it. So, the picture of the finished product will have to wait.

A Tannenbaum for the ages.

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