Sunday, December 20, 2009

The shepherd that wasn’t

This was supposed to be pictures of Little S’ first church Christmas pageant. However, she missed her entrance because it was moving MUCH faster that we anticipated for a kids Christmas pageant, and by the time we got into something vaguely “Shepherdess-y” got our stuffed sheep ready to take and herd, and played “gotcha” as I tried to corral her into her coat and out the door, we missed it. Eh. It wouldn’t have been that great this year anyway. We’ll save our premiere for next year when her attention span is closer to 8 minutes long.

The weather has been kind of splashy and Little S has loved it from a surprisingly cold and windy hike on Saturday IMG_1578

to a rainy walk to the park on Sunday IMG_1591

She never ceases to entertain us and it’s great to watch her imagination grow by the day. She sees things we never would, and that makes every day so amazing. Today, she taught us that our wood stove is perfect for American Idol auditions

We are eagerly awaiting Aunt Aimee’s arrival for 10 days of holiday fun and festivities. Three adults + one kid + Christmas should mean lots of memories created and photos to share.

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