Friday, December 11, 2009

Kiddie Christmas

Being of a certain age, more and more friends from many different circles of my life have kids. And, since we’re now all busy with kids, we rarely see each other. So, I figured I would throw a kid friendly Christmas party since so many of them are not open to the wee ones.

A great and sugary time was had by all. The photos aren’t the best because it’s hard to get many fast moving targets at once, let alone worry about optimum shutter speed and lighting!

There was hardly any shyness, despite the fact most of them hadn’t met before. And the kids got along great too!

Clare on Anneke’s Mommy’s lap


Kids know a Mommy & Daddy lap when they see one, even if it’s not their own. And a lap with a book is enough to make it look like I birthed triplets or more


(Emi, Clare, Sofia & Anneke all enjoying Bob the Builder)

Despite the fact there were five girls between 1.5 and 2.5 years, there were very few battles over things. Who knows if next year when everyone’s closer to three if it will be as peaceable. IMG_1555

Clare and Anneke sharing important grocery cart items.

Imagine this crowd in 14 years IMG_1558

And of course, you have to dress up for Christmas parties, so Little S insisted on her finest footwear IMG_1554

Hello Elmo slippers.

I can’t speak for any of the under two set, but for the sake of their Moms, I hope the rest of them are as zonked out as Little S is. And I may be soon too!

Definitely the best Christmas party of the season because I shared it with Little S and her friends! And of course my wonderful friends who made they day so much fun!

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definitely the event of the season!