Friday, July 24, 2009

Life’s a beach

In anticipation of what was supposed to be a hot day, a couple of friends, the dogs, Little S and myself planned an outing to the beach at Sauvie Island.

As luck would have it, the heat wave they are calling for got pushed back to a few days from now (oh joy of joys), and the morning started cloudy and cool. The clouds burned off about the time Little S got up from her nap, and away we went!

Last week at Sunday Parkways, Little S discovered sand. She seemed to think it was pretty neat stuff. However, hours later upon removing her diaper, there was half a sandbox in there with her. (I know, experienced Moms know this. It was a new one for me). So this week, I figured the best way to avoid sand in the diaper was IMG_0858

no diaper.

Technically the “clothing optional” beach is about a mile up the road, but I felt pretty safe we weren’t going to get a ticket for this little naturist. (they aren’t called nudists anymore, they’re called naturists)

A good time was spent by Little S watching the doggies play in the water IMG_0862

and getting some cross training in with her push-ups IMG_0859

and lots of climbing onto driftwood logs. Driftwood is pretty smooth, so don’t worry about splinters, people.

After a few hours, the girls were all tired, but declared it a great day at the beach!


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