Sunday, July 19, 2009

General awesomeness

It’s been a heck of a weekend, and it’s not even over yet.

Friday had us visiting our friend Sunny at her friends pool, attempting to donate blood (me, not Little S) and some delicious food and child entertainment at Laurelwood. Delicious cold microbrews and cheap food along with a children’s play area was a great way to spend a HOT Happy Hour in A/C. 

Saturday morning started with a long run along the waterfront with my friend Jacki and cuteness in the form of Little S entertaining us the entire way. After a dip in the pool that afternoon and some errands, it was a great night to go to bed early!

Sunday started with our normal trek to the park, this time without Furry S who was with Big S at training. So we had time to play at the playground. After naptime, we met up with our friend Deb and her daughter E for a trek through Sunday Parkways. Another awesome Portland event. They close down the roads for 7 miles and loop everyone through three different parks. You can ride (almost everyone did) walk, run, skateboard, rollerblade, scooter, you name it, as long as it’s human powered. It started off with a few obstacles; Little S having her morning all out of whack so we started later than we had wanted, my friend Deb left her bike at work, got all the way there and forgot her keys, the camera didn’t end up taking any pictures… All was not lost. We met up at Wilshire park with our jogging strollers, the girls played in the sand and then we headed out.

It was so great to see hundreds  of people out, enjoying the perfect summer Sunday. Mostly biking and it seemed like at least 33% of them had kid/kids in tow. Trailer, bike seat, trail-a-bike, clever cycle, their own pedal power, you name it!! It felt like everyone in Portland who has a kid was out! Vendors and activities at all of the parks. In the end, we only went to two of the three because I’m a wuss and it was too hot to keep running. And, my legs were done! The whole time, I kept thinking that I can’t wait for Little S to be old enough to REALLY enjoy the absolute fun and joy that everyone was experiencing on their bikes today.

She’s getting ready though. She knows the sign for and can almost say “bike” and she’s mastered climbing on and off of her bike. IMG_0840

We want her to be exposed to a variety of things in her life. Here, she shows off her mad climbing skills IMG_0845

(too early for sponsorship?)

She also is honing her bird watching skills IMG_0846

And, she helped Dad build furniture this week IMG_0842

While I’m not looking forward to what will be a long and hot week, I know it’s just a matter of days until I get to spend some more fun time with this girl


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