Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July # 2

The last one-well, Mom held Little S up to the TV to watch the fireworks, and then back to eating & bed.

This one, Little S and the Lorpi family went to our friend Emma’s. She had a BBQ, a big lawn to crawl around in with ample shade, a swimming pool with a hole in it so we didn’t have to get too wet, lots of Lorpi family friends and most importantly STAIRS.

Dad got to show off his manly Daddy skills by lighting fireworks for Little S’ amusement.


She’s amused. I promise. So is the rest of the crowd. IMG_0800

At least those that weren’t too busy eating delicious food, including my red, white and blue poke cake. Even if it was sort of pink, purple, blue and greenish.

We played a little ball


We learned you really got to keep an eye on her. or as Daddy calls this:








The kid’s got good taste AND is patriotic with her red, white and blue PBR.

Thanks to our hostest with mostest Emma for a great 4th of July!