Sunday, July 12, 2009

Never a dull week

The big fourth of July holiday may be over, but we don’t let the fun end in the Lorpi house. Here’s our week in review.

I thought I was a pretty good cook, but evidently it’s not to Little S’ liking. She’s having to look elsewhere for sustenance. IMG_0806

Dad takes her to the Children’s Museum nearly every week. Endless adventures await them each week. Sometimes it’s peek-a-boo IMG_0807

sometimes it’s just lounging with a different book IMG_0815

Mom had a night out at the Night Ride. It’s a fun ride with thousands of Portlanders. All decked out in costumes, lights and glowsticks with several fun stops on the course with entertainment, snacks and doughnuts at the end! There were some fun costumes. Mine… well, at least it wasn’t spandex. (my garden in the background. Hooray for sunflowers)


Proper hydration is important on a long ride.


Hey, like mother, like daughter. Love of peebers runs in the family.

And, the most important development of the week. We finally got Little S to eat pizza! We had started to worry about her genetics and discussing the possibility of trading her in for a different baby that liked pizza. She's finally come around and saved us all the hassle of finding a new model. IMG_0823

This week, plain cheese. Next week supreme!

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