Friday, July 03, 2009

A Long (Hot) holiday weekend

Our babysitter’s son has hand, foot and mouth disease (poor kid) and couldn’t be around Little S, so Mom took an extra day off on Thursday to have a four day weekend with her bestest daughter.

We are in the midst of the great Stand-athon. And Hold-my-hands-while-I-walk-up-and-down-and-up-and-down-stairs-athon. Here, we wistfully dream of life beyond the gate where there are practically hundreds of stairs just waiting!


In protest of her mean parents who won’t let her get to the stairs,  I think she tried to call the grandparents to see if they could get us to change our mind


No luck yet.

To try and beat the heat, we’ve been heading to the pool at lunch for parent-preschool swim. A time so the younger kids don’t get too sodden by the bigger kids and their bigger splashes. After swimming, we have a little picnic in the park and then head home VERY ready for our nap. Today, we felt rather flexible


Or maybe she was just showing off her cool shoes that Daddy got her IMG_0774


After afternoon nap, we went over to Jim and Lisa’s for a change of scenery for everyone (and some fruity adult beverages too!)

Lisa is great with Little S and plays with her the whole time. It’s a nice time for Mom to get to relax a little and enjoy Little S having fun with other grown-ups.


The warm weather has given some curl to Little S’ hair. I tried to get a picture of it, but that child does not consider holding still on her list of priorities


Still two more days left in the long weekend. These will be even better because DADDY has them off too! Hooray!

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