Sunday, February 01, 2009


Saturday I joined my friend Jacki for our 2nd annual Forest Park exploration followed by Chocolate Fest at the Forestry Center. Last year was an 8 mile run in the snow, this year was a nice hike on at least 5 different trails where we saw some snow, but were much warmer and drier than last year. Last year, I was pregnant. This year, we had another person with us enjoying her first chocolate fest


(That’s mostly gummed on shortbread. Very little chocolate was actually involved in the photo) Further demonstrating awesome parenting, I also discovered a few days prior to Chocolate Fest that she likes chocolate ice cream too. Did somebody say “Mommy’s girl”?

Don’t worry though, she gets many quality days with Dad where she gets lots of attention, healthy food, and education


Then, she gets days with Mommy where she plays in the recycling and is raised by the dog


Daddy gives her age-appropriate toys to help her build motor skills


Mommy lets her play with whatever she can dig out of the Goodwill box IMG_0199

(note how the dog knows that if I’m in charge, she’s actually the one keeping the closest eye on her)

I’m not entirely useless. I at least keep up appearances and most Sundays get her out of the house and to church


and I only let her have a little bit of my donut and cookie afterwards.

At least I’m not the one playing Dr. Dre for her…


soilmama said...

Funny! Sofia is so pretty in that last photo.

Zozopdx said...

ha! you're one up on me; I rarely take Anneke to church. It's in the middle of her nap time!

Emma said...

May I suggest this:

For every S's listening pleasure.