Friday, February 20, 2009

me, me, me

Yes kids, that was a front page article in the Oregonian quoting me. If only I could be front page news and not have to work 60 hour weeks for three straight months… at least it puts the strained peas on the table.


I learned this morning I either need more hands or more brains. Well, I guess part of that statement is obvious.

Running? No problem

Running while pushing stroller? Piece of cake

Running with stroller and dog leash? Mostly mastered

Running with stroller, dog, on a narrow street with a car coming while trying to answer a work call on the “cookie phone?” Ah, no. The poor driver I’m sure figured one, if not all three of the beings he was behind were going to end up in front of him. Nope. The bushes, yes, hit by a car, no. Next time I’ll try it while walking instead.


One of the most amusing parts of our morning jog is running by a house that has all these things (figurines? toys?) placed around their front yard in various little scenes. A few weeks ago there were some new additions that I thought I would share




Rats Of Unusual Size (for the Princess Bride fans)



And this poor guy that made me laugh out loud when I saw it


He’s even got a rose in his hand!

Thus ends all about me day. Back to work for the night.

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