Saturday, February 07, 2009

a lovely little Saturday

No work, just getting to actually spend some time with Little S and her anti-napping self. Fortunately one of the things we did on this lovely, sunny Saturday was walk to the library to pick up some sleep and nap books I had on hold. Fingers crossed that Big S and I can turn Little S into an awesome napper!

Of course I learned that one of the keys is not ignoring signs that your baby is tired. Which I totally did because she slept late, the dog needed walking and it was such a beautiful morning we stopped to swing instead of rushing home to nap.IMG_0211

(not the actual picture from this morning, but a fair approximation)

Little Miss Houdini discovered the dog door today. She didn’t attempt to crawl out it yet IMG_0224

But I’m sure that day will come. Fortunately, it’s pretty loud so she can’t sneak out of it.

She’s really starting to do a fair job entertaining herself. Actual photo’s of Dad letting her entertain herself IMG_0214

by chewing on the cast iron wood stove and by doing her best Beaver imitation


I’m pleased to report that on my watch, she only chewed on educational materials


And hammed it up for the camera IMG_0227


It was a great day!



soilmama said...

Lol at beaver imitation! She just keeps getting cuter.

Zozopdx said...

I haven't seen her in so long! too long, in fact! I think a lot of babies had their naps disrupted on Saturday so mom and dad could enjoy the sunshine!