Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Living in a van down by the river

So, there’s this van that used to always be parked in the next neighborhood over, by several apartment complexes. It always stood out because it was a cargo van with some crazy message on the back using those stick on letters that I remember seeing at Wagner’s, the office supply place in my little town.

Last week on my walk I noticed it in my neighborhood, a few blocks away. Then, the next night, it drove by and parked another few blocks away. I commented to my sister on the phone about it, because it’s a little odd to move a vehicle a few blocks away for no apparent reason.

So this morning as I pulled back the curtains to greet the day, I was greeted by this


The Van. In front of my house. Where it was most definitely not parked last evening. Seeing an opportunity, I of course took my camera on my morning jog so I could share with you the message from it’s owner


Since some of the letters have fallen off, I’ll translate for you.

            Let freedom ring for MLK

Pay Any Price   Oppose any foe

Bear any burden                 For Liberty   JFK

Semper Fi                             Semper Fi

Any ideas on what that is? A quote? A collection of thoughts?

Given our sorry economic state, I suspect it’s probably somebody’s home. I’ll make the leap that maybe they used to live in the apartments nearby where it was parked. Even though they don’t live in the apartment, they had grown used to the area so they keep their home on wheels parked around the area to maintain any sense of familiarity and comfort they can.

The van and it’s occupant (s)? left shortly after I got back home. I wonder if I’ll be able to find it in the morning or ever meet it’s driver.

It makes me extra thankful for everything I have tonight.

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Rich said...

Semper Fi is a rference to the Marine Slogan Semper Fidelis. I believe your van occupant is a Marine Veteran.