Sunday, September 20, 2009

Racin’ for the Cure and other Sunday stories

I was very excited for Little S to be participating in her first 5K. Of course, I was the only one doing the running, but being a part of this event with 45,000 other participants all joining together for the same cause, it was an extra special first race.

The pictures aren’t that great, because after getting on the wrong train with about 3 million other people and arriving with only a few minutes to feed her and start, there just wasn’t the picture time I had hoped for. And afterwards? Well, keeping her in her stroller for almost two hours without a complete and utter meltdown was no small feat. I just didn’t have what it took to try for a photo op too.

Yes, that’s her very own race bib she’s wearing as she plans her race strategy.


As if that weren’t enough excitement, when we got home, Grammy and Grampy were here! The afternoon included a trip to the park for some walking


and balance drills on the teeter-totter.


With a beautiful, sunny, even HOT week ahead, we’ll be enjoying the best that September has to offer.

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