Friday, September 18, 2009

One Week

When you’re staring down the face of a Monday, and knowing the week is going to suck, it really sets the tone for the rest of the week.

I figured it was just having to work a couple of 12 hour days and all day Saturday. But that was okay because Sunday is going to be an exciting day and Little S’ Grampy and Grampy come to town for a few days visit, so I’ll take some time off next week to recover.

However, working a lot of hours was nothing compared to how the end of the week unfolded.

Thursday starts with a bang. Big S has to be to work early and I have to leave early to get to my office by bike. Make that all happen, and get into work to hear the awful news that my friend and co-worker had been hit on her bike on the ride home from work the night before and is in ICU. She’s talking, but pretty banged up. Feeling horribly responsible as the captain of our team for bike to work month at the office, and having gotten her to bike in a few times. Another friend/co-worker and I did go and see her, and despite everything, it definitely could have been worse. Her husband had passed her on the way home, and offered her a ride. When she didn’t get home and he heard the sirens, he immediately loaded their daughter into the car and came upon the scene to see his wife’s mangled bike being loaded into the cop car. I can’t imagine how horrific the drive to the hospital must have been for him, in addition to waiting to see if she was going to be okay. And now, how hard it must be for her to not really get to see her daughter (who is about to turn 2). Her family’s in town to help with everything, so all we can do is hope for a speedy recovery for her. Once she’s home, there are so many people lined up to do anything we can for her that she will be able to focus on her recovery.

In the mean time, we got word earlier this week that our pastor’s wife had taken a turn for the worse. She’s battled ovarian cancer, and had great results with some experimental treatment about a year ago. But several months back, they discovered it had come back aggressively and with not a good prognosis. Her turn for the worse coincided with her husband (the Pastor) being in Turkey for a long planned trip. He was able to fly back early to be at her side on Thursday evening, and she passed away Friday afternoon.

And, because it has to come in three’s, our friends’ dog who ALSO has cancer seems to have taken a turn for the worse too. They’re taking what may be a last trip to the beach with her this weekend.

So, if you see me drinking a lot, or crying uncontrollably at the Race for the Cure on Sunday, you’ll understand.

The one thing that always manages to bring a smile to my face, even if it’s through tears is this, some of the bright spots of the week.

The start of regular season football and the Patriots playing a Monday night football game. Little S wanted to go to the game and wouldn’t take no for an answer



“Fine. I’ll just drive myself. I’ll need a little help with the pedals though. How far is Massachusetts?”




Instead of driving to the game, there was a compromise of going to the park instead. 



Her cheerleading eventually led them to victory. So big and little S celebrated at the Children’s Museum with career choices:


Ambulance dispatcher




Building inspector

And, lately, the only way to get her to eat is if she feeds herself. Which means sometimes almost an entire chicken nugget gets stuffed in her mouth


At least it wasn’t thrown across the room or fed to the dog.

The week ahead is full of exciting things. Little S’ first 5K, grandparents, apples and who knows what else? Because nothing makes you appreciate what you’ve been blessed with so much as a reason to take stock of how lucky you really are.

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