Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thank Snow!

Wow! I was skeptical that it would amount to anything, but I woke up to a dusting of snow out back and a little more coming down. So we were very excited to go out into it and bundle Little S up in her special winter outfit that Big S got me for my birthday*. It's so cute, I just giggled and giggled about how cute she was


So I bundled her into her stroller with a blanket and the weather cover for our morning walk. It started with the stroller leaving tracks on the sidewalk, but it didn't take long until we had practically blizzard conditions, blowing snow and low visibility. It felt like being on the mountain. After a few blocks, I noticed there was enough snow that the stroller wasn't even leaving tracks anymore. How rare for Portland!

After waffling the whole walk about whether or not to go to church, I figure if I can drive to go skiing, I can make it to church in this dry snow with 4 Wheel Drive. Ha! I get in the truck, hear that they've just said that chains are REQUIRED on ALL highways in the Metro area. And, there are a lot of cars coming down our street, which happen when there is a wreck at the intersection down from us. That's enough for me to pull back in the driveway. So, for entertainment we head down to the intersection to check it out. Wow! Bumper cars. The street is a blind hill leading to an intersection and it's now solid ice. We're trying to help any way we can, pushing stuck cars, Big S gets some flares to try and close the street, to no avail. I go down HARD on my tush trying to help out a lady who was hit and then her car slid into the car that hit her. OUCH! It still hurts.

There was really nothing we could do, so we came home to warm up and get some "first snow" photos with Little S. There were so many good ones that Dad took (he's good), I had to share them this way again.

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Surprisingly, it's still coming down every once in a while and definitely still BLOWING! Big S says they sanded the slippery hill so there goes that entertainment.

It's supposed to stay COLD all week, and a chance of more snow or freezing rain coming in later this week. I'm glad I braved the rain and crowds to get groceries on Friday. Hoping I can get to the airport on Thursday though! Time to go do some baking!

*I fell in love with the picture of the outfit last year. It got me really excited about being pregnant. I even cut out the photo and put it on the door of what would be the baby room. The fact that he remembered a year later and bought it was so fantastic.

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Amanda said...

i cannot believe how big she is getting! i cant believe that its been seven months! i simply have to get my grubby little paws on her one of these days. summertime visit east?

and a big thank you for your mama-blogger support through hazels recent dramatics. it means a lot! she is doing great, but now its our turn to heal.

xoxoxo to you and the fam!