Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Live life to the fullest

I don't quite know what to say, except to ask for your thoughts and prayers for the family of my friend Melinda. It is so unfathomable to me that someone my age would be taken from her husband and two year old son by such a menacing foe as ovarian cancer after only a three month battle. I know life isn't fair sometimes, but this really sucks. A two year old will never get to know his Mom. This breaks my heart into a million tiny pieces to think about.

Hug your loved ones extra tight, and make damn sure you are squeezing every ounce of life you can out of every minute of the day because you are blessed to be able to.

You fought hard Melinda and your loss will leave a hole in many hearts. God bless.

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Amanda said...

oh my goodness, im so sorry heather. i have a friend who is battling the same thing, again, and is mother to an 11 month old herself. i cant imagine...the heart does break for your friends baby girl. i wish her peace.