Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Good-bye Kitty

aka New Kitty, Grendel, Chunkus

Born: ?  Died 12/8/08

Kitty lived in many places; Oak St, Alder St, SE 80th, Flanders and in his final home in Rose City Park. At every place, he won friends with his easy-going personality and need to be petted. He was a favorite of many a neighbor and passer-by who would stop to pet him.

Despite being diagnosed with Diabetes a few years ago, he was still the happiest kitty around, easily tolerating the nightly shots and thinking it was a great excuse to get more pets. He didn't care who it was, dog, new person or baby, he wanted you to know that he liked you.

We were fortunate to get one more week with him after his cancer diagnosis. He still never complained, and we made sure that his last week was filled with warm laps, attention and as many pets as we could offer him.  Coming home from work, the house will lack the sweet "Meow" that he offered asking politely for food, pets, attention, and especially the tuna can lid!

We're lucky to have had such a sweet cat in our life, and I know that now Ellie has a familiar furry friend to pal around with on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.


Rich said...

I am sorry to hear. He was a good Kitty, and will be missed.

Zozopdx said...

oh, kitty. I'm glad he had such a good home and I'm very sorry. Kitty's are so special.

Emma said...

I'm so sorry. New Kitty was always such a winning addition to any gathering. It is sad to see our furry friends go.