Friday, December 12, 2008

NaBloPoMo was no help

Clearly I'm not hip to the 21 days to a new habit b.s. 30 days of blogging still did not a blogger make me. Cut me some slack, yo. I've been working on Christmas presents. So here's the stuff you've been asking about and some other randomness too.

Last weekend, nearly 7 days ago already, Grammie and Grampie Korpi came for a visit. The Patriots were practically in town playing the Seahawks up in Seattle. Big S and his Dad went up to watch what should have been an easy victory.  Two days of grandparentness and I only managed to get one picture.


That's Sofia in her game-changing outfit. The team had been losing until I put her in her Patriots sleeper. Then they won. Coincidence? Not likely. The correct explanation is that our child has super powers of course.


This goofball


the one trying to lick the spilled sauce out of the inside of the bag, in case you thought maybe she had the bag on her head to stop hyperventilating or something. And no, we did not put the bag over her head. That was her ingenuity. Anyway, it turns out she's figured out how important Little S is.  I ran furry S and little S over to the dog park, which I've done many a time before. This morning, there was a dog a little too interested in Little S and Furry S told him to knock it off, this was her possession! She was defending Little S. Maybe it's because Little S is so tasty at times, or maybe it was the treats in the stroller, but Little S definitely has a 4 legged protector. And future partner in crime.


It's about time.


7 months already! (plus a few days)

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Zozopdx said...

I never really understood the daily blogging thing, anyway! I think you blog plenty! what I mean is, the last thing we need is blogging guilt. I mean, really.