Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The zoo called, they want their hippo back

So it turns out that two dog walks a day can't counteract the sitting-in-a- chair-all-day, oatmeal cookie eating, post baby having body. In trying to look somewhat presentable for a BBQ, I thought I'd throw on a skirt. The ones that were too big a year ago. Now, they gave me that sausage stuffed into a casing look that everyone wants. That's okay though. I realized I would be wearing the BEST "squishy in the middle" accessory possible. Sofia in our new Ergo carrier. I will prattle on about how much I love this carrier some other time.

Thus started Sofia's busy weekend. Many party dresses will be worn. By her. Mine don't fit.

Her first party was a welcome home/Salmon BBQ for a friend who had been on a fishing boat in Alaska. She was charming, of course. Making eyes at everyone when we got there, crashing for a while, and waiting long enough to fuss for me to finish my beer.



Next in our big party weekend was our friend Sunny's b'day party. Perfect weather, lots of friends I hadn't seen in a long time, and LOTS of little ones running around or being carried. Her parents made YUMMY "garbage can dinner". In a CLEAN garbage can lined with foil went corn, potatoes, onions, sausages and hot dogs. It was de-lish-us!


Birthday girl cutting her cake



Birthday girl and party girl!


The third event of her busy weekend was a retirement party at church. For this event, she modeled her new outfit that G'ma Wetter made her:


Could she be any pinker? Or cuter??


Topped it off with pizza night to celebrate the cool-ish weather.

A fun filled weekend for the littlest one.


HeyItsBeej said...

Remember the saying "nine months up, nine months down". You'll get there. :g:

Zozopdx said...

yeah--I've already lost a fair amount of the pudge and am not NEARLY as active as you are :)
if you haven't gotten an infant insert for the ergo you're welcome to borrow ours! I was out of town when I got your email. so I'm emailing you back on your blog.