Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's now safe to get lost in the woods

Seasha passed her Search and Rescue certification today!!!

Since she joined our family three(?) years ago, the plan has been to train her for Search and Rescue. She loves to play, and "playing" the Search and Rescue game was no exception.

She's probably been ready since last fall, but due to some politics in the group, and then the arrival of Sofia, this is the first time that has worked out for her test. I don't know if she knew it was coming and was nervous, but yesterday she was such a pill! Three plus hours of running through the woods with her Seasha brain hard at work took care of that!


(post test, resting on the deck)


Of a possible 100%, she scored a 92%.  Steve scored a perfect 50% on his part. (naturally. I demand perfection;)  Seasha got a few points off for "not ranging"-Steve didn't agree with that.  She got 5 off for getting a little sidetracked a few times and "finding" small woodland creatures. Hey, she's still a dog, what do you expect? She always got back to the task at hand though. Fortunately, she found the "missing" subject and not the bear that had been about 25 feet away from the subject a while earlier!

When she found the missing person and showed Steve where the victim "K" was, Seasha laid down with K.  K often has to play the missing person and we think Seasha is very worried about this woman's ability to be in the woods without a chaperone! "You again? Didn't I just find you last week? Listen lady, this is fun and all, but seriously, I'm worried about you. Most people don't get lost on such a regular basis. In fact, most people try to avoid it."

Now, we just have to wait for someone to get lost and she can put her skills to use saving people. Any volunteers? :)


Sofia wanted to celebrate, so she wore her dog print onesie (they're really small, but trust me, those are tiny little pawprints)


The grown-ups celebrated with some yummy Sunday night homemade pizza. Which capped off an exciting return to cooking for Heather. Sofia and I are getting this figured out a little better, and she's starting to entertain herself for longer periods of time. This week we managed to make bread (cheated in the breadmaker), oatmeal-almond chocolate chip cookies, and tried a new recipe to make zucchini "crab" cakes (no actual crab) to accompany finally making the proscuitto, mozzerella and basil stuffed chicken. No more pre-packaged meals for a while!

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