Thursday, July 10, 2008

Two Months Old


So, in addition to the "eat, sleep, poop" mode, sometimes she's awake and alert. She loves to smile at the sound of our voices. She can stare at her mobile for a LONG (in baby land) time. Ceiling fans, trees, lights and sometimes the picture rail are also VERY interesting. We find ourselves staring at her as much as she stares at things.


Two months also means vaccines. Things are different and much more controversial then when we got them. After researching my options (Thanks Dr. Sears), we'll be spreading them out a little. So instead of 5 or 6, we got two.

I was prepared for the worst, but with lots of tips from other moms, including nursing her while she got the shot and having tylenol ready, we all seem to have survived.

We also got her weighed and measured. She's still working on her future career as a supermodel. 95th% height, 25+% weight. At least her weight is improving, thanks to her occasional willingness to take a bottle. IMG_2689 (one of the times she's eating, instead of filling her mouth with it and then spitting the whole mouthful out. Nice trick Sofia)

Maybe her future career can explain why she's rocking the 1900's man's swimming costume in this outfit:

IMG_2698 (it was hot out, this seemed like it would be comfy)


At least the hot weather has been good for drying her little clothes. She won't fit them too much longer so we thought it warranted a picture.



The over the shoulder look. Her favorite.

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