Friday, July 18, 2008

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dinner

That's what Sofia wanted me to have, I'm sure. She made sure I had enough time to make the dough earlier, then took a huge afternoon nap so I could bake a few batches. Then, crashed out HARD on my lap. I didn't really want to wake a sleeping baby, so, here I sat, roaming the far reaches of the interweb and Craig's list stalking to try to find an ergo carrier. She finally woke up with about 15 minutes until her next feeding. Just enough time to wash the bottles, feed the cat, change her diaper. Not enough time to make the proscuitto, basil and mozzerella stuffed chicken I had planned (sorry Steve). But those little temptress cookies called to me. They tried to pass themselves off as health food with the oats and almonds and eggs for heavens sake.
Since that's CLEARLY what my daughter wanted me to eat, who am I to say no? A girl after my own heart.


Zozopdx said...

good for you!!!! it feels so good to do normal stuff again! I saw an ergo on c.l. for $50--from now on I'll email those ads to you!

Rick said...

Funny post. Back in the day I remember that our mother ocassionaly would let us have cereal for dinner. We thought it was a treat - didn't realize that Mom just needed a break.