Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vacation get away


(Sofia and her Great Aunt Mary. We think she's even better than great!)

A huge thank you to my wonderful Aunt and Uncle for again "adopting" us and letting us join them and their kids (my fabulous cousins) down in Sun  River. They let our new family of three use the ginormous master suite. There was an abundance of delicious food, wine and cocktails. Great conversation as always with this family. I felt like a horrible houseguest-disappearing for hours to feed the baby, not helping cook, not bringing anything but some cherries. (Sorry Mom. Yes, you did teach me better than that. I did dishes as often as possible, I swear!)

I have promised that next year not only will I be a more engaging conversationalist, I'll do lots of cooking, including our "famous" pizza. And, we'll sleep in the bunk beds. Plus, in a few years, Sofia will be entertaining for her second cousin C, so he won't be stuck being the only kid with all the grown-ups.

While we were there, the pool was a source of entertainment too. I got to swim laps two nights in a row with my cuz and Uncle. That was fantastic. The whole gang went earlier and helped get little C more comfortable in the water. Of course if there's water, I want Sofia in it too. We spent a little time in the kiddie pool, and some time the first day in the big pool. Got to start Olympic training early you know!



Hoping we can show you some more photos soon from photographer extraordinaire, and arm candy for my cousin, J.

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