Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A lot of excitement for a Monday

First-doctor's appointment. Measuring fine, weight up a little more than I wanted, but I'm starting to get puffy, so that may have something to do with it.
Brady Moss' head is down! No more worrying about breech presentation. I mean, I know they can still move around, but generally if they're down now, they'll stay down. (fingers crossed)
Even better, the Doc was having me feel where the head was, and the leg and the back. I'll be honest, I didn't notice anything (except all that pushing on the head hurt the muscles around it!) So, she gave up on me and had Steve feel the head. He could actually feel it! He was so excited, it was very cool. I'm glad one of us has sensitive hands. I think he described it as feeling like a baseball (maybe that's because the Sox season opener was today....)

Then, our first birthing class. Nothing too exciting for the mom to be, except marvelling at how different everyone looks, even people that are about the same amount pregnant. After getting on poor Steve about reading the book instead of watching the video, I find out later it's because the video was a little graphic for him. Sorry baby-daddy. I'll cut him some slack next time. Most other mom's I've talked to said their husband had a rough go of it too. Maybe it will help to know he's not alone. We did learn labor massage techniques and I definitely give him an A+ on back rubbing!

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