Thursday, March 13, 2008

Looking the part

31 w, 6 days
It finally happened. I put it off as long as I could, but today-we are in full on maternity wear. There may have been one or two other days that I ened up in maternity tops and bottoms, but today-it looks the part. The top? It's a hand-me-down blouse. It's got the little tie at the back to expand it as needed AND-it's got a flower print. It seems to be a theme for maternity things. Especially hand-me-downs. Why? Is it because flowers signify life and growth and all of those other things pregnancy is supposed to be about? Or-because it makes for a nice, busy print that can help hide the belly? That seems ridiculous-most other pregnant ladies are proud of their bellies. I'm only finally getting it through my head that I'm not just getting fat-I'm pregnant. I jsut don't look pg-I mostly look fat. Oh well. I'm sure THAT will be changing in the next few weeks.

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