Monday, March 24, 2008

Pregnant? Not a problem

Had to be at the Mountain by 7:30 a.m. on Saturday for Girl Scout Ski Day.
Gorgeous, sunny, yet still cold enough to keep the snow in good shape.
After spending most of the morning reading and waiting for troops to check in, took a little nap in the toasty car, then got bundled up. Headed up to Mt. Hood Express that had almost no line. Skated over to the top of the runs by the Ski Patrol shack. Whew. That was exhausting. And did I mention how far away my feet were now? Thank goodness for the benches up there to sit and strap on my board. Took an easy run down Ridge Run. It felt good! Took another down the other side. Took a potty break. Wrestled with either just going home, or maybe one more run, or maybe another pair of runs. Got on the lift again. Decided another pair of runs would be nice, since I was there.
4 nice blue/green runs 33 weeks pregnant. If I had an assistant to help get my board on, it would have been better. I decided all that hip rocking involved in snowboarding was a good thing! Just like yoga classes. The only problem was that my ankles, feet and calves were screaming much more than they would have otherwise.
Seriously? if that's the only complaint I have-I know I'm lucky. I just wanted to tell someone that I went snowboarding this weekend. And probably will again next weekend too!
I hope Brady Moss enjoyed it!

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