Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vitamin D

When the doctor put us on a multivitamin over a year ago to make sure Little S was getting enough Vitamin D, I kind of chuckled. This child gets more sunshine and fresh air than most kids her age and certainly than most adults. Prescribing sunscreen seemed like a better plan. (Don’t worry, we had her on them. And we put sunscreen on her)

Today was practically an overdose of Vitamin D. Day #2 of unseasonably warm weather and a Saturday! We packed up the backpack and the dog to meet two other friends and four other dogs. At the end of our walk, Little S was released to walk also. And pet the doggies. IMG_1978

“Auntie” Sunny and Little S’ favorite dog friend Abby.

All that excitement and it was nap time. We had to rest up for more adventures in the afternoon.

After nap, we loaded up to go meet our friends E’llee and her Mama Deb for a bike ride. We hopped on our bikes to Blue Lake Park. It was great! There was more diversity on the playground in an hour than Little S gets in a week. We must have heard 4 or 5 languages. Little S got some chips and crackers from a friendly Hispanic family. The girls were all eager to show her tricks they knew and she was mostly into staring at their little boy in the stroller. They taught her “Adios” and I got her to say “Gracias”.

While we played we went into the tunnel/slidey thing over and over IMG_1982

At one point as she was getting climbed over by some bigger kids, she decided to get comfy


She scaled mountains



She climbed a new thing completely fearlessly IMG_1993

E’llee and Little S did some sliding too.  IMG_1986


The camera got put away for the ride home and the playing on the sandy beach beside the river.

Then, to cap off a perfect first day of spring day, we made burgers and fries for dinner with some Vitamin “B”(eer) for Mommy and Daddy.

It was a well balanced diet!

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