Sunday, April 04, 2010

Aunt A’s last visit

Last visit? Was it so horrible she’s never allowed back? Quite the opposite. Her spring break in Portland was the last time she’ll be visiting. Next time she touches the ground here she’ll be moving here! We’re very much looking forward to that this summer!

She hosted her own birthday party, tasking advantage of what would turn out to be the end of the nice weather.


Just as well so she doesn’t harbor any illusions about what winter here is like. In fact, it turned so wintry that Big S took a day to go skiing in what is rumored to be waist deep powder. On March 30, nonetheless. So Aunt A and I took Little S to her first gymnastics class! It was so much fun. We worked on front rolls

 IMG_2002 100_0475

We played with the parachute IMG_2009

and many more fun games, including jumping on a trampoline that weren’t captured on film. She’s got at least three more weeks of this fun class that Dad gets to take her to. Maybe there will be some more photos soon.

Aunt A also took Little S to a fire truck that was just idling around the corner. She met three nice firefighters who gave her a Junior Firefighter sticker that she is very proud of


Spending time with your cool Aunt A means things that Mom & Dad might not let you do

 100_0485 Like go all out on the face paints at the Children’s Museum. Guess who will also be sneaking her out to buy makeup before Mom & Dad say it’s okay???

“Hello, Aunt A? Mom won’t let me get a tattoo. Can you take me?”


Wonder where she will have learned about tattoos? 100_0534


Little S definitely had a great week and can’t wait until Aunt A is not several states away, but hopefully only a few miles (or less) away!


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