Thursday, March 18, 2010


We actually found something that Little S was afraid of. She wouldn’t get in the boat. Very unlike her-Jim made it look so fun!


The afternoon was sunny but chilly and was spent with our friends Jim & Lisa. Tree sitting


sliding on the crazy jagged slide IMG_1938

(this thing HURTS if you’re a grown-up. it slams you around side to side. it’s amazing the kids don’t come out of it upside-down)

Little S shared the toys with Jim IMG_1942

Once she learned how to ride it from Jim, she took a spin on the “cycle” IMG_1944

Daddy has taught her to climb things. And when she runs out of hands, she uses her fifth point of contact IMG_1946

The Chin Hook.

A little peekaboo at the zoo


Buckling dollies in for a ride. Safety first.


“Push. Dollies”


“Dolly fall”


Her hair isn’t always in her eyes. She’s gotten used to us pulling it back. We tried a new style. It took some work but OH IMG_1969

This face is cute on the outside and pure trouble on the inside. Trust us!  IMG_1970

She’s getting older and learning to two-fist it IMG_1971



The pictures are harder to capture because she is on the move, and so are we. Every day is more fun than the last.

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