Monday, January 18, 2010

Long weekend!

A three day weekend means an extra fun filled day with Little & Big S.

We started on Friday with Mommy trying to work and maybe not quite keeping as close eye on Little S as I would have liked when I discovered this scene


That was the first time this weekend. The second time involved a little too much of this footloose and diaper free lifestyle IMG_1711

I discovered an even longer trail of toilet paper and discovered at least she was using it this time to wipe up where she peed on her floor. Extra Credit for knowing that you don’t just leave it there!  Guess we’re not quite at potty training time yet.  But who doesn’t love the feeling of the wind on their cheeks, right?

Saturday we went to the Portland Old Time Music Festival. Little S loves to dance and sing so much and it was free and touted as Family Friendly. We got there for the end of a clogging lesson. Little S wasn’t quite getting the move your foot and tap it thing, but was having a ball nonetheless. Then, our instructor showed us how it’s done for real and Little S loved it AND loved watching the live band play. IMG_1713

I didn’t get any particularly good photos of her. She had funny faces in all of them. But here she looks surprised (?) amused (?) at everyone dancing in a slowly moving circle. IMG_1714

This was right before she bolted to the middle of the circle to dance and be silly with Mom right behind her. Good thing I’m not shy.

Besides the music in every free corner of the building (including the lobby of the ladies restroom. And the impromptu jam wasn’t even all women. Where else can you pee to live music?) the highlight for Little S was the stairs. Stairs up and stairs down. Repeat. The kid’s a natural stairmaster. We about had our limit of a warm, crowded room and all of the visual & aural stimulation after an hour. As I pointed out to a friend, how much fun is it when all you see is legs?

So, the next thirty minutes was unexpected fun, because that’s how Little S is. The trip to the car, which was kind of far in Little S land-four blocks, was nothing short of an urban adventure.

Why walk on the sidewalk when you can go off road? IMG_1716

Despite the fact that it was a fairly steady drizzle, there was no shortage of outside fun she found. Mostly around a parking garage that had small walls and other things to climb up and jump off. IMG_1717




A little dirt never hurt


“Mommy. Sit”  “No thank you honey”

So, we made our own adventure that was as much fun for her as the music was. And, will result in some additional laundry IMG_1723

We also discovered the fun of backpacks over the weekend. Wearing them around and asking Mommy and Daddy to put things in your “pocket” IMG_1725

Looks like she’s ready to hit the trails. Because when backpacking, Elmo is the oft forgotten 11th Essential on the list.

We had two days of playing with her friend Kate. Sort of. We met up at the Children’s Museum and they pretty much went their separate ways. We would see each other like two Mommy ships passing in the night.  We didn’t get to play together, but Little S still had fun IMG_1732

Then, we met at the pool for some MLK holiday afternoon fun. We took Daddy along too, which is good, because no matter how laid back I think I am, I may be a little bit of a nervous Nellie with my baby around water and lots of slippery concrete. Having Dad there was great fun for all of us. Kate is fearless and she was going down the 2-story waterslide with her Mom. So, we tested it out, and figured we could hold Little S up as we splashed down. Dad made it happen and she loved it. Which meant “gain” (again) and “gain”. We traded off taking her down and she never got tired of it. Unfortunately, that too had to come to an end for the day. We can’t take pictures there, a good rule for creepy reasons, but a bit of a drag as a parent, so you’ll just have to use your imagination for how much fun she had.

Or, just see how much fun she had on a regular slide and mentally photoshop in some water

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