Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sofia's first wedding

She was a guest, it wasn't actually her wedding.

Our friends Sara and Brad were tying the knot at Bridal Veil lake in the gorge. The day was an unseasonably hot (102 in Portland) June day, but the site had a little elevation and lots of shade.

Sofia's view. She was quiet the whole time.
The happy couple.
Sofia put on her finest summer dress for the occasion.
Her little ballet slipper shoes.

Her shoes were a big hit. Several people have pictures of the shoes. Thanks to the neighbor, Colleen for these very cute additions to her wardrobe.

Sofia was very well behaved. She spent the first part of the night in her seat in the stroller, and after dinner, being carried by Mom and passed among friends, most of whom were meeting her for the first time. Toward the end of our night, she was getting a little fussy because she was HUNGRY. She also didn't sleep during the entire event, and hadn't slept most of the afternoon. (She's catching up today by sleeping through her meals again!) If she hadn't been hungry, she would still have been content.

It was so good to see so many friends whom we don't see very often. Unfortunately, we had to leave before the real party started. At least we were there for the tables being pushed together at dinner, the bourbon being passed around, and Steve was witness to the catering cart down the hill shenanigans-the aftermath of which is captured here:

Knowing this crowd, I'm sure the drunken frivolity carried on until the site kicked them out.
We had to miss all that, but several conversations lead us to believe we will soon be joined by more friends having babies, and fewer of these escapades in our future. I hope that doesn't mean we're grown-ups now.

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