Tuesday, May 05, 2009

And so it began

One year ago this afternoon, I was mighty pissed.
We went to the Doctor on a Monday afternoon. I knew I had been bad all weekend and not done good job of keeping on bedrest. Well, it caught up with me-or maybe it was just time. My blood pressure had gone high enough and I was at 39 weeks, so the doctor told me she was inducing me this week. THAT was not in my plans. Then, to make matters worse, she couldn't get me a bed in the hospital any other day than that same night! WTF?! The labor room takes a one year reservation now to get in to have a baby? Baby Boom anyone? I was so mad. I still had things to wrap up at work. I wasn't planning to have a baby until NEXT week. I had no reason to think that timeline would be sped up. I was so livid. The poor doctor. I hope she knows I wasn't mad at her.
I guess I didn't really feel like I had a choice. I didn't figure Steve would let me chain myself to the bed and not go to the hospital until I was in labor. And, I wasn't that irrational. I knew high blood pressure could lead to some really bad stuff. So, after crying to my mother about how mad I was, and her being the voice of reason, as always, I realized I needed to begrudgingly accept my fate.
So, I packed my bags and got the teensiest bit excited to have a few days off, lying around watching TV and eating food someone else cooked. Oh, and to figure out what this baby would be.
Had I known how amazing this little being was going to turn out to be, I would have rushed to the hospital, eager to meet her even sooner!
So, at 8:00 that evening, they started the drugs as I laid in bed watching House. I sent Steve home to walk the dog and so we could both enjoy the last good night of sleep we would get for many years.

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Zozopdx said...

She is amazing, indeed! happy almost birthday, Little S!