Thursday, April 29, 2010

As April draws to a close

Much like exercising, it seems when I take a break from posting here, it’s hard to get started back up again. Not that I don’t want to, and don’t think about it frequently, but thinking and doing-not the same. I feel like things are simmering down every which way enough to say that I might be able to get back to at least a couple of posts a month, but life has a way of making me think that, and then abruptly planning something else.

Also, as Little S gets bigger, we just aren’t taking the volume of pictures we used to. Whether it’s forgetting the camera as we go out the door, or more likely, trying to contain her constant motion that doesn’t allow us a free hand for the camera, the volume has definitely subsided.

But, here we are, on the cusp of her 2nd birthday already. What an amazing and interesting age. The amount of development in the first two years is so astronomical. Where she was to where she is today is mind-blowing. So much so, that I often forget there’s so much more to go! I’ll see a kid activity that seems like it would be fun and have to stop myself to remember that she’s ONLY two, and not big enough for whatever it is yet.

A few weeks ago, this big girl looked downright SASSY all dressed for church.

 IMG_2060 IMG_2059

She gets very excited when I cook. She asks for and attempts to drag her stepstool to her special place at the end of the counter where she can help Mommy put things in to the mixing bowl IMG_2062

and, I think she’s quickly going to learn that helping cook means sampling along the way (even if I am actively discouraging it) IMG_2063

The next few days hold several fun gatherings in store with her friends and my friends. I vow to bring the camera and try and actually use it!  As spring gives way to summer, the balance of fun to work will shift to more fun and more photo-worthy moments!

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