Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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It’s good to be back. The first night in weeks where I can leisurely post some pictures, read some other blogs, and do a zillion other things that have been put off by the pressing demands of work needing every waking moment. It has not invaded my dreams at least. (I do have to confess that one of those late nights was actually a dinner out with a vendor at Bluehour. Some of the best-and most expensive-food I have ever eaten. The gnocchi was like eating little clouds. Everything impeccable. May you get a chance to eat there when someone else is paying someday!)

Well, Little S is not in good cheer of late, having a double whammy of cold and cough, coupled with teething. So, we’ll scroll back to pick up some highlights from earlier this month.

After we mostly emerged from our cocoon of snow and ice, we bundled up Little S for her first trip to the swings. IMG_0075

Needless to say, she (and big S) are hooked. IMG_0106 IMG_0109

That was actual Portland snowfall captured in those pictures. It was the last Sunday of Christmas break after many kids got an extra week in December from the snow. There were LOTS of nervous parents hoping it would turn to rain. Which it did.

Dad had so much fun, he’s made it a regular addition to their time together


She loves her picnic basket from her Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. Her new favorite activity is pulling apart the velcro sandwich. Which she washes down with grape pop.


After the swings were such a hit, we thought we’d see how the little slide went. So with Dad at the top and Mom at the bottom, she slid down the slide! It was wet, so it slowed her progress considerably with each turn, until this was the result

(now that you have high-speed access Grandma and Grandpa W, you can watch this!)

So now that I’ve burned through the battery, I guess it’s time to call it a night. Here’s to more blog posts soon!

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