Saturday, June 21, 2008

Family-part 3

This visit brought us Aunt Sharon, Uncle Denis and cousin Sam. It was great to have another fairly recent new Mom to get advice from and share notes with.
However, the challenges of trying to coordinate the schedules of an 18 month old and almost 6 week old who eats most of the day made it difficult to find times together. We finally mostly figured something out the last day.
Highlights included: 2 dinners at children friendly and down the street Laurelwood, a nice walk to the playground at Normandale followed by a dinner on the deck, a visit to the Children's Museum (for Sam while Sofia ate), and a walk through the very in bloom rose garden at Washington Park.
It's amazing what a difference 18 months is at this age. It will be interesting to see how that difference isn't that much as they get older. We can't wait to see them again-hopefully at Thanksgiving!

Sam meeting Sofia. When he first met her, he gently laid his head down on her.
Sharon reliving those not so distant past feeding days.
Sofia sacked out. Sharon is quite comforting.
Sofia clearly impressed by the roses at the Rose Garden.

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soilmama said...

I love Sofia!! I wish it could have been more seamless and easy, but that's life with kids, I'm realizing. I'm thankful that we are all easy-going enough to make it all work. love you all so much.