Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Can it be true?

Seven weeks. Hard to believe. It seems so quick, despite the fact that some days seem to be a whole week long.
We have kind of hit our stride, as people said we would around 6 weeks. I was definitely skeptical, and the thought of Steve being out of town was vaguely terrifying. It turned out to be the best thing for us. Sofia and I got into a routine of sorts, and it felt good to be able to handle raising the baby and sort of managing the house solo. It also got me jump started back into the routine of walking the dog twice a day-which is very nice and good for me. (Especially after trying on some clothes from pre-pregnancy. yikes-not recommended to anyone 7 weeks after giving birth)
But, just when we got a sort of routine, and getting something resembling sleep, Sofia changed the rules of the game. So, starting tomorrow instead of staying in bed until the 9:30 feeding, we'll be up after the 6:30 feeding. Unless she wants to sleep instead of fidget, in which case we'll go back to bed.

But, as proof this won't last forever, she's started being able to hold her head up for long periods of time!

(the view from Daddy's angle)

And, she's starting to outgrow the cloth diapers that my mom made. Including this gem. She embroidered a Patriots logo on the outside, but Steve was wary of a diaper that could contain poop being combined with a Patriots logo.

So, she embroidered this on the inside

Today, we were able to say Sofia pissed on the Colts.

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