Monday, May 26, 2008

Daddy daughter time

Honestly, I don't know how anyone could do this alone. Or what I'd do if Steve hadn't been able to take so many weeks off. He is the bestest Dad and adores his daughter. During the waking hours, if she's not eating, Dad's entertaining her. During the LOOOONG feedings of a stubborn, sleepy eater, he's keeping me company, supplementing her feeding and changing diapers. He stays up until midnight with her so I can sleep and never complains when I wake him for the supplemental feeding at 6:00 a.m. He's probably getting less sleep than I am, and he's okay with it. I hope someday I can help Sofia fully grasp just how much he loves her.

I'm sure that will be a hard sell when he breaks the news to her that she can't date until she's at least 18 and greets her prom date on the front porch with a shotgun. "It's only because he loves you so much honey".

Calming her crying.

This Daddy does diapers.

Sofia in her bouncy seat. Daddy loves to watch her in it and can't wait for the day when she grabs at the animals because she realizes her actions cause something to happen.

Bonding with his daughter. (After explaining the rules of baseball to her as she watched her first Red Sox game!)


soilmama said...

I knew he'd be a great dad! Cute pictures you guys.

Zozopdx said...

BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to meet her and hear the gory details in person!!!