Sunday, May 25, 2008

baby shower at church

The kind women at church wanted to have a baby shower. When I went on bedrest, it had to be scheduled for after the baby arrived. We found a weekend that would correspond with when my Mom was in town. Which was great to have the extra hands of Mom and Aimee to get us there on time (mostly)
Sofia was very obliging and slept through church and most of the shower. Never fussing once even when she sort of woke up and even though we were over an hour late for her feeding, and that it was hot out!!

The party planners plus a few guests.
The Law family and baby.

Pink presents for Sofia-who slept through it all.

Aimee right before she had to leave to go back to Denver.

Grandma tries to help Sofia suck her thumb. She REALLY wants to be able to.

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