Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bed rest-almost one week

Two days short of one week. Still alive. Although there were a few days that it felt like just barely.
We've sort of come to a middle ground. As long as I'm sitting with my feet up in the morning, I will work and then come home and ACTUALLY bed rest all afternoon. Sneaking in 10 minute doing stuff breaks every two hours. Thursday the blood presure was 137/81. Not too awful.
We'll decide whether or not to tell the doctor about the plan on Monday based on what my B/P is.
Yesterday was gorgeous. 75+ degrees. Spent the afternoon with a silly page-turning novel in the hammock in the sun. Trying to get babies first tan!? Molly and Tanya were gracious enough to take Seasha on a dog walk with them. Threw some burgers on the grill. Spent an hour on the deck at dusk with Steve just enjoying the early season nice weather.

But, we're at 36 weeks now. 4 more weeks until baby-time. Time to get cracking on the baby-stuff.
Took all the fabulous soft goods we got at the two showers and that Mom sent-both hand made and from her generous co-workers and threw those in the wash. Today is another sunny, but not as warm day, so we could get the clothes hung out to get a little sunshine. Got a picture of the cute, tiny little items basking in the Oregon sunshine. (It isn't the greatest pic., i was too worried about the dog barking so early on a Sunday morning)

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