Wednesday, April 23, 2008

baby room-pt.1

37 weeks, 5 days
Bed rest routine is getting more ...routine.
I convinced the doctor that I can work in the morning and rest in the afternoon. Which means I actually go home and rest-instead of working at home all day and cleaning. B/P is getting a little lower, but not nearly enough to get me off of bed rest.

Steve has provided entertainment. Last week was prep the baby room. I got to lay there and watch him clean. He then prepped the room for painting and a couple of people from his Search and Rescue group came over to help him paint. He picked the colors, and was smart enough to ignore me when I was worried it would be too dark. He did a great job. Of course. He's the more artistic one, I should know to trust him on that stuff.

After painting, we're slowly but surely getting the "stuff" put in it and out of the living room. Steve got the crib put together last night.

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