Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Hoppy Ween!

We couldn’t get Little S to say Trick or Treat, but by the end of the night, I heard her say something and it took me a second to figure out she had heard us say Happy Halloween all night and she was trying to be festive too! Hoppy Ween!

Little S got right into the spirit of the night with her present from Dad-a glow stick!

 IMG_1267 The little monkey got this whole trick or treat thing figured out pretty quick. We had a test run to the neighbor’s house (and, we loaned her a pumpkin. What else are neighbors for?) IMG_1271

We learned about doorbells


and properly stashing our haul in a bag for (mommy & daddy to eat) later IMG_1276

Hoppy Ween Trick or treating was a lot of fun! IMG_1282

But, the fun didn’t end there. We got home and took off her costume. As we were attempting to corral her into her bath, we had to stop and answer the door for a trick or treater. And that’s when she modeled her third costume of the night


Nearly Naked Baby. It’s also when she went CRAZY! and discovered the door had no screen or window. IMG_1285

and she could lean out of it. And then she discovered the bounty of chocolate we had ready to distribute IMG_1302

(yep, the good stuff. No tootsie rolls or lollipops there)

And, once the candy was out of it, she could wear yet another Halloween costume.





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Zozopdx said...

Anneke's pronunciation of "jackolantern" is something like, "gahmbeen." I never want her to learn how to pronounce it correctly!